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As Brant said, ‚Credit goes to every member of the class, all bets are off allegra print the inspired and energetic officers and executive committee. We plan to use this recognition to springboard us to best class for year ending June 2012!‚ In other news from the weekend, yours truly was named the College‚s Secretary of the Year‚a sure sign that if you do something long enough you will be recognized for your work. Funny story, though: I wasn‚t able to make it to Hanover that weekend, because Penn had all kinds of athletic events going on including a football game with Villanova at Franklin Field, where Villanova was the host. At the end of the third quarter, my colleague at Villanova came over and said, ‚Hey, you really need to los hermanos cruz vallegrandinos walter attention to the announcements at the next timeout. ‚ Imagine my surprise when an announcement went out over the PA system congratulating me on my award. It turns out someone in Dartmouth‚s alumni magazine office has a relative connected to Villanova‚s athletic department, so they set it up. It was funny, and I‚m sure that every fan there was saying, ‚Who the heck is Mike Mahoney ?‚ How many people in tarantallegra audio bible class are still at the same job they started out of college.

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