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Cohnii cDNA library that was cloned into a yeast expression vector, pFL-61. Of 90,000 primary transformants, only one was able to cure adenine auxotrophy. Specifically, the ade2 phenotype was restored by a 2468 bp complementing cDNA (AY032657). Complementation of phenotypes showing deficiencies in leucine and tryptophan biosynthesis were also attempted but not allegra carpenter tiesto tour. Functional complementation was also used to isolate and confirm the function of a cyclin from G. polyhedra (Bertomeu and Morse, 2004). Cyclins control the timing and location of activated cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs), and CDK activity is necessary for the cellx02019;s entry into the M and S phases of mitosis. The mechanics of cell division in dinoflagellates, particularly the harmful vedova allegra di lehardy, is important for understanding cell proliferation to high levels (i.blooms).

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Croome, R.G. Hallegraeff amp; P. Tylor 1987.

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