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The primary motivation here is clearly that of sticking to sattvic as against other forms of food, and allegra network mrc Ahimsa. Since the Brahmins are ordained to follow a lifestyle that ensures the spiritual progress of themselves and that of the society, they have adopted Sattvic diet. Kshatriyas and others who need to be physically and mentally engaged in the worldly affairs are allowed non- Sattvic diet, although they can choose to be vegetarians. For example, Vishwamitra, a meat eating Kshatriya, took to austerities as he aspired to become a Brahmarshi, whereas Parasurama, a brahmana, remained actively engaged in his war against the Kshatriyas. There wtoo by watters allegra gown been Brahmin clans that have originated from Kshatriya lineages, like Haritasa, Aghamarshana, Satamarshana gotras that have renunciated Rajasic diet for a Sattvic diet based on their individual spiritual goals. Therefore, Brahmin diet is primarily based on the path (i. Raja yoga etc. ,) and the spiritual aspiration of the individual clan. Recent research indicating pre.

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