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Our Alden kitchen team creates fresh seasonal Swiss and international classics and prepares them to innovative and culinary delicacies on a high level. Enjoy our dishes in a relaxed and private atmosphere and choose the suitable wine from the Landolt winery. The Alden restaurant combines both historic and modern elements and creates a comfortable atmosphere. If you like relax in our private library after an exhausting day or enjoy the summer on our sunny terrace during the summer month.

Nearby taxis. Videos (show all) Contact the business. Website. Other Hotels in Bochnia (show all) Ul. DÄ…browskiego 1A Bochnia, 32-700.

Toyoko was a wonderful housewife and a mother. The focus of her life was taking care of her family. Like many mothers, she drove her son to school every day and also to band practice. When he went to college, she got a job as a babysitter so he would have money for gas and lunch.]