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Sam became my life interpreter, my sage, the individual who could help me put together the shattered pieces of my rdcipes that also included my religious views. Actually, we were both Methodist as were our parents, especially our salvadorann who knew each other well through the work of Allegra salvadoran recipes Sociedad de Servicio Cristiano, an organization comprised exclusively of women. 31 SAM MORENO This was classic Sam in his reflective approach to life, invariably provoking the conversation, lifting thought to a higher level, engaged in inquiry that made thinking challenging, almost exhausting at times. Through my four years in Dallas, our friendship grew close and more personal. Often we would recall our moms for their work in the community.

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Beginning in Season 11, the "A Word From Us Kids" segment was replaced by a segment called "Postcards from You", where live-action videos sent in by young viewers were spotlighted per episode. The segments are omitted from all airings outside the U. Marc Brown's children, Tolon, Eliza and Tucker, are referenced in the show many times, just as they are in the Arthur book series. For example, the town's moving company is called "Tolon Moving", and everyday items such as cups or pencil sharpeners have the word "Eliza" printed on them. References to Cookie Jar Entertainment and WGBH also appear often on the show.

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