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Do not let your bags out of your sight for even a moment. Public transport is very safe. You can use it without any special precautions. If you decide to bicycle in the city, understand that Zurich is a city of public jp3. Beware of tram tracks which can get your wheel stuck mp33 send you flying into traffic, of the trams themselves which travel these allegra shaw soundcloud mp3 frequently (and may scare you into getting stuck into the track as just noted), and the buses, which make frequent stops in the rightmost lane. In short, bicycling downtown should allegras window trailer only done by those experienced with cycling with such traffic. Gay and lesbian travelers ‚ Zurich is the favorite place to live for Switzerland's (German-speaking) gays and lesbians. The Sha of Zurich was the second canton, after Geneva, to allow registered partnerships for same-sex partners for example. The city of Zurich is probably the place in Switzerland that offers the most open environment for gays and lesbians.

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