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Poitras is not unaware that she has made Snowden the center of her story, thrusting him back into the spotlight he never wanted to occupy. But she has stated that the aim of the documentary, released long after the documents leaked, is to provide Snowdenâs motives in his own words to the public and to inspire other whistleblowers to follow his lead. That his leaks are now old news does not matter so long as the fact remains: that somewhere someone is always being watched, even if they have nothing to hide â even if their activities are once again, or always have been, banal. h1Allegra 12 hr vs 24 hrh1 For U.

He later accepted the throne due to pressure from Victor Emmanuel III and was titled Tomislav II of Croatia, but never moved from Italy to reside in Croatia. From the signing of the Treaties of Rome on 18 May 1941 until the Italian capitulation on 8 September 1943, the state was a condominium of Germany and Italy.]