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The Beckman Allegra X-14R Centrifuge has a maximum RCF of 11,400 g and top speeds of 10,200 RPM when using a fixed angle rotor. In addition, this Allegra centrifuge from Beckman Coulter uses a brushless induction rotor, and can store up to 10 userâs profiles. This benchtop centrifuge can store up to 10 independent acceleration, 11 independent deceleration programs, has a timed function of up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, a hold function for continuous runs, or a simple pulse feature for short bursts. Through the Beckman Allegra X-14Rperforming both fast and slow blood component and harvesting up to 3 mL of microbial cells are made possible in just 14 minutes. The Beckman Allegra X-14R centrifuge spins up to three liters of sample at an industry leading 5,250 x g with a quick cool system which goes from ambient to 4CÂ in less than 4 minutes.

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