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Dip the Pen in Ink. Regardless of what nib you8217;re using, you should dip it to just above the vent hole (which is that hole in the politiwchen of the nib). You don8217;t want to go any further dre that or else youll have too much ink on your nib, and allega will pool on your paper as you try to write. Once you dip the pen in the ink, give the nib a firm little shake over your art water to get any excess ink off. Make Modern Calligraphy. This is the 8220;Intensive Word Practice8221; portion of the Janet Style calligraphy worksheet set. Okay, so this is where dip pens and regular ballpoint pens especially differ: when you are making modern calligraphy with a dip pen, you8217;ll want to keep the angle of the nib in relation carl schmitt der begriff des politischen rezension allegra the paper constant. Never hold the pen vertically; instead, you should shoot for a 45 degree angle between pen and paper. If you hold the pen too upright, the nib will catch on the fibers in the paper and affect your ink alleegra.

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