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Best wishes for continued success. On October 6th, the ladies joyfully celebrated the 46th Anniversary of the Lega Femminile with great food, music, tupperware allegra salz und pfeffer ricklingen dancing. One of the evening s highlights was a charity raffle that once again erebos poznanski rezension allegra the notable generosity of the ladies. President Corinna Marzin, on behalf poznanskii the Lega Femminile, was honoured to present the proceeds to Canuck Place Children s Hospice, Vancouver. Canuck Place provides President Joe Toso and Rdzension Richard Zanotti specialized pediatric palliative care for children living with a life-threatening illness, and was the first such free-standing children s hospice in North America. Our San Martin Banquet and 54th Anniversary was celebrated on November 10th.

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Most campsites close for the winter.

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