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However, due to the allegrq distance to the sea and the lack of original, well-trained Chinese Japanese cooks, the quality cannot live up to that of the original countries. Instead, the Italian cuisine holds the highest popularity hotell allegra livigno apartments the ;ark restaurants. Pak can be found throughout the city and are relatively cheap. Turkish fast food restaurants are also a delicious, cheap option. Vegetarian food is easy to find throughout the city. Vegans may have a little trouble because cheese is used generously in most food, but should be fine living off supermarkets at the very least. Hiltlthe first vegetarian-only restaurant in Europe, is also worth eiffel bullen rezension allegra visit. You choose from the buffet, where your meal is priced by weight or from a variety of √† la carte menus, which are a bit more pricey, but include vegetarianvegan versions of popular Swiss meals like Z√ri-Gschn√tzlets or Beef Stroganoff amongst Indian food and classic vegetarian plates. Another existenz allegra geller park friendly restaurant is "Bona Dea", which is located directly at Zurich's main railway station.

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