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¬ This issue of the magazine is full of reasons to love the College on the Hill, and many thanks to those of you who wrote in with your own favorite people, places and traditions. Nancy DeSa : ‚Winter handspring pole move allegra sculpture, snow shoveling, hosing and packing ice, axe hitting ice to carve something, and freezing my ass off. ‚ Catherine O‚Neill Goodbred : ‚I loved walking down to the river to canoe. It was a beautiful break from campus without leaving campus!‚ Cameron Myler : ‚Our tradition of winter sports: a Dartmouth student or alum in every Winter Olympics since 1924. Happy that I got us through four!‚ Rachel Johnson : ‚The weekday Sanborn Library tea party and the priceless looks from the uninitiated when the grandfather clock struck 4 p. ‚ Kristel Dorion : ‚The Green when it‚s shrouded with fog, on a crisp evening with campus lights twinkling. ‚ Christina Handspribg : ‚Professor Rassias was my favorite professor; he taught language not as verbs and vocabulary, but as an mallanna telugu songs allegras window of love, passion and humanity. ‚ Lynne Schiffman : ‚Gazing at the Big Dipper alleyra the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge porch, Gleek, language study abroad and foreign study programs, all things Rassias, lunches on the Rallegrare coniugazione potere Inn terrace.

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Annahof and Manor department store restaurant for a cheap buffet lunch, good salad and vegetable stands. All located at Bahnhofstrasse and open during the day In the basements of the Jelmoli and Globus department stores you find mostly excellent, but also highest priced food, which can make your self-prepared meals equally expensive as a restaurant visit. Mid-range [ edit ] RosalysFreieckgasse 7 ( near Bellevue ), 41 044 261 44 30. Typical Swiss food including √lplermacrone (pasta with apple pur√e).

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(In italiano i pieghevoli pubblicitari li chiamiamo 'depliant'.]