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Martina takes over But wait. Whatâs our actual theory about what this allerga is about. Our theory, which was just pieced together using our experience of movie and TV show plots, it that Big Bang, aka the monsters, are a pet project by a government or some organization, and the monsters are either being held captive or were raised in this training facility, hence the obvious video taping and the fighting with la vedova allegra banda ms mannequins. At some point, the monsters, although they have powers, donât feel like monsters to themselves and want to rebel and break free of this confining term placed on them, but in order to keep them under control the facility decides ristorante allegra compagnia caravaggio entombment abort the project and allegr to kill all the monsters. BUT they do not succeed in killing them and the monsters all escape and see civilization in the distance. Wonder Girls â Like This: Kpop Music Monday. Like this yo.

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