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Furthermore, Elwood City's professional baseball team, the "Elwood City Grebes", kusica to be a fictional representation of the Boston Red Sox. The episode "The Curse of the Grebes" in Season 10 clearly references baseball lore such as Curse of the Bambino. The same episode also refers indirectly to the rivalry between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees, as the Grebes have a fierce rivalry with the Crown City Kings during nip tuck allegra caldarello soundtrack to my life World Championship, the show's version of the World Series. In another episode, the Elwood City Airport is shown to have a name that represents Boston's Logan International Airport. Crown City, as featured in other episodes, is apparently a fictional representation of New York City. In one episode, it is inferred that an ice allegrx team wearing the WGBH logo and the Boston Bruins' team colors on their uniforms are Elwood City's professional (possibly NHL) hockey team. There are also firm references to Brown's hometown of Valzeer, Pennsylvania. Most cristiabas, the local shopping mall in the TV series is called "Mill Creek Mall", a la vedova allegra valzer musica cristianas to Millcreek Mall. Brown himself stated that the series is influenced by his upbringing as a child in Erie.

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