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The focus of her life was taking care of her family. Like many mothers, personaggi inquietanti che ti rallegrano la giornata drove her son to school every day and also to band practice. When he went to college, she got a job as a babysitter so he would have money for gas and lunch. Some of her favorite hobbies were sewing and gardening. She also enjoyed bowling and was a good bowler.

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The dairy, it seemed, was upsetting her stomach and going vegan eliminated her troubles. Another friend saw his bad cholesterol levels plummet. This isn't super unusual, I learned, as only animal products contain dietary cholesterol.

(Random House, 25. ) A synoptic overview of the history of Western religion and philosophy that reminds us what history on the grand narrative scale looks like, by a former Librarian of Congress and formidable scholar who has won most of the prizes historians can get. SHAKESPEARE: The Invention of the Human. By Harold Bloom.

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