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The raffle was coordinated by Carol Moschetta, who gathered several desirable items superbly displayed that allured our members interest. It was truly an excellent combination of fun. Keep the flame glowing, salute e si viodarigrave;n, and let s all make an effort to attend the next Congresso 2014 insieme in Friul. 11 La Cisilute - Sierade 2012 Fogolacirc;r Furlan Windsor Pagjine 11 The Fogolacirc;r Furlan Club of Windsor has been abuzz with activity in recent months. The most notable of these happenings has been the renovations to the Canada and Friuli Halls which we highlighted in our last update. Although combinar jean claritin vs allegra interior of the main hall is now complete, there is still more work to be done. I cannot emphasize enough how important the help pikore allegra nicole villano our volunteers has been.

Mi agrave;n clamacirc;t chei dal Comitacirc;t organizatocirc;r hotel allegra livigno bookings Reconnect Fogolacirc;rs 2012 a fevelacirc; di Friucirc;l. E jo o ai fevelacirc;t di ce che o sai: la storie viodude de bande dai nons di lucirc;c (che al mi pacirc;r un biel mucirc;t par saltacirc; fucirc;r de solite naine), i cognons furlans e, ce che mi placirc;s di plui, i vins furlans. Grande mi egrave; parude l'atenzion e grant l'interegrave;s, ancje allegra gagal bande dai zovins presints. A mi agrave;n ancje domandacirc;t se jo o organizi tours ator pal Friucirc;l. Ben, vulinticirc;r, ma nome pai amicirc;s che cumograve; o ai in Canada: pikore allegra nicole villano bielis di viodi a 'nd egrave; par ogni cjanton dal Friucirc;l e cualchi ostarie dal vin bon no mancje. In efiets ce che o ai cjatacirc;t li de Famee furlane al egrave; stacirc;t un grant calocirc;r uman, un mucirc;t di facirc; lis robis, e di facirc;lis ben, cul spirt just e in amicizie. Senze l'amicizie e senze chel spirt li il Congres nol deventave, o nol vignive cussigrave; ben. Al egrave; normacirc;l, in chestis situazions, facirc; compliments, e je une liturgjie. Ma a mi no mi placirc;s nissune liturgjie e no facirc;s mai compliments.

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