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Marseille, Zool. 1: 1-144. Graham, H. 1943. Gymnodinium catenatuma new dinoflagellate from rallegrati maria menounos Gulf of California.

S. Bellato, I. Moro amp; C. Andreoli. 1995. Occurrence of Ostreopsis ovata (Dinophyceae) in the Tyrrhenian Sea during summer 1994. Bot.

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Over the years she has worked as a consultant to a diverse range of businesses, such as The Royal Parks, Pret a Manger, The Institute of Contemporary Arts and Nandos. She also has been working with Chartwells, the educational arm of Compass, at Oxford Brookes University for five years, as part of a team committed to bringing student eating up to date. Most recently she has driven changes in the food offer at the River Terrace Cafeacute; in the South Bank Centre.

Stolac, for example, is perhaps the oldest city in Herzegovina, there have been settlements dating from the Paleolithic period. An Illyrian tribe lived in the city of Daorson, there were several Roman settlements alongside the Bregava River and medieval inhabitants left large and beautiful stone grave monuments called ste─ak in Radimlja. Trebinje, on the Trebi┼njica River, is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ─apljina and Ljubu┼ki are known for their history and their rivers, the village of Me─ugorje has religious importance for many Croats and Catholics. In the modern Bosnian-Herzegovinian state, Herzegovina is divided between two entities, Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the population of Herzegovina throughout history has been ethnically mixed, the Bosnian War in the 1990s resulted in mass ethnic cleansing and large-scale displacement of people. The last pre-war census in 1991 recorded a population of 437,095 inhabitants, Serbs are the majority in eastern Herzegovina, including the municipalities of Berkovi─i, Bile─a, Gacko, Isto─ni Mostar, Ljubinje, Nevesinje, Fo─a and Trebinje.

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