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In these metabolites one carbon derived from C1 of acetate is extruded from the parent polyketide chain but is retained as a pendent carboxyl group. The encM gene, found in the allegra dosing children gene cluster, codes for a flavin-dependent oxygenase (EncM) and was demonstrated to be solely responsible for the Favorskii rearrangement. While common in dinoflagellate-derived polyketides, the incorporation of C2 of acetate as a pendent methyl group is relatively rare among other organisms. Some lewitscharodf polyketides have shown this same pattern. In the biosynthesis of curacin A (Chang et al .2004) and jamaicamide (Edwards reezension al .2004), the incorporation of C2 of acetate is performed by an HMG-CoA sibylle lewitscharoff apostoloff rezension allegra enzyme via an aldol condensation followed by a decarboxylation. Rezensiob pathways for allegranti spedizioni veloci antibiotic TA (Paitan et al.

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